Work Package 8. Turbine concept generation.

This WP is intended to summarise and synthesise all findings from the WP's 1 to 7 as they relate to the future prospects for 10 MW-class floating wind turbines. In recent years, the industry has proceeded to develop turbines that have grown by a factor of 10 during the last 10 years, and there is a need for a review of the situation to understand the leitmotiv. WP8 aims to establish a conceptual roadmap to show the way to an operational wind farm with 10MW wind turbines on floating platforms.

Three specific Objectives have been defined as:

1. To identify the main restrictions and barriers that are involved in the development of large WTs.
2. To identify the main trends in the recent development of WTs, whether they represent gradual up-scaling or
introduction of new concepts.
3. To summarize promising new concepts and select one or a few of these for further study to assess their
strong and weak points.

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