Micromega Dynamics is a fast growing SME providing services and support whenever problems or potential issues related to vibration or very high accuracy positioning occur. The key idea is either to help our customers in troubleshooting existing situations or to work together in order to integrate damping or positioning devices into their new design.

Micromega Dynamics has developed innovative solutions for active vibration control of flexible systems. These technologies are applicable to either micro-vibration (space interferometry, optical devices, ...) and large structures (bridges, railways, ...). Vibration control is essential for high-precision machining, high accuracy visual inspection, comfort, and acoustics. We study and develop complete mechatronics systems, subsystems or prototypes including sensors, electronics, control laws and actuators. Current projects range from the control of nano-vibrations in micro-lithography to the active damping of large milling machines. Micromega Dynamics pursues a strategy of partnering with OEM market leaders in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, defence, robotics, optics, electronics, civil engineering and manufacturing industry.

Micromega has developed vibration control devices for various industries (machine tools, micro-lithography, printing, aerospace, wind turbine…). In the wind turbine industry, Micromega has already implemented passive and active vibration dampers, mainly for the control of high frequency (>50Hz) local vibrations. Micromega has participated in several FP6 and FP7 projects such as CHAMELEON (FP7-226800-1), InMAR (NMP2-CT-2003-501084) and SMARTOOL (GRD2-2000-30314) focused on active vibration control of industrial equipment such as bridges and machine tools.

In HiPRWind, Micromega participates in WP7 and is in charge of the development and manufacturing of a large Active Damping Device for offshore wind turbines.



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