Since 1999, Ingeteam has been providing services related to the Operation and Complete Maintenance of Wind Farms. At present, Ingeteam provides services in 57 Wind farms all over the world, with a total installed Wind Power Capacity of 2250 MW. This diverse expertise allows Ingeteam to become your strategic partner in executing wind farm maintenance programs. Also in Solar Photovoltaic plants Ingeteam is present. Currently, We operate and maintain 150 MW (more than 3.000 solar inverters). With production facilities in the USA, China, Brasil and Europe and with more than3.000 employees, Ingeteam has a good track record of product delivery, effective supports and customers services satisfaction to the clients anywhere around the world. Specifically Ingeteam wind energy division, since 1995, produces and markets all the electric and electronic equipment required for wind turbines, using the latest design techniques and based on in-house technology by investing in research and development directed at wind energy.

Ingeteam will take care of the entire installation process of the wind turbine on the floater under work package 2. This includes also the coordination of the work of the other partners with respect to the wind turbine, i. e. the commissioning of the additional equipment for research purposes (load sensors, electrical quantities, condition monitoring, etc.). In work package 3, Ingeteam will be involved in the platform operation process during the field test phase. This will cover all aspects of the testing: planning, supervising, collection of data and evaluation/presentation of the test results.

Ingeteam has broad experiences in the field of wind turbine installation, operation and maintenance. Ingeteam works with all major wind turbine manufacturers, amongst others with Gamesa, Vestas, GE& Siemens, and has experienced and skilled personnel to cover all activities to be carried out in the HiPRwind field testing phase.



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