VicinayCadenas S.A. is a family-owned business with more than 200 years in relation with the steel industry. VicinayCadenas is a manufacturer of high tech offshore mooring lines chain and accessories with more than 240 people working. The main office is in Bilbao, north of Spain and there are made chains from 60 mm up to 185 mm bar diameter with no restrictions as to length or weight.

The accessories factory is located in Galdames, Northern Spain, and this plant manufactures accessories for the offshore industry from standard D type-shackles, LLLC links plates and connecting pieces made to customers’ requirements. Present production capacity is 1200 tones of forged pieces per year. For special designs cast components may be delivered.

For the engineering work, Vicinay also is able to offer chain loading/offloading assistance, offshore assistance, fatigue testing on chain, special method testing, mooring design support and FEA, Fatigue, OPB, Torsion and SSC calculations.

VicinayCadenas has participated in national projects subsidized by the Spanish Government in offshore renewable energies such as PSE Mar (finished in 2008), EOLIA Cenit and OCEAN LIDER Cenit, working in the design, development and optimization of the device mooring. Apart from that, Vicinay is working in the research and development of most resistant and self protected steels in order to avoid the corrosion and other issues that are worrying the oil and gas industry at the moment. In European projects, VicinayCadenas participated in FP4 with Qweld, a system to check the parameters of the welding process in the factory link by links and later was a member of AMIMOSES project.

In HiPRWInd, VicinayCadenas will participate in Work package 4 and will optimize and manufacture the mooring lines of the floating structure.


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