1-Tech is an independent energy innovation SME established in Brussels, specialized in new energy and clean technology and dedicated to bringing forward new concepts and solutions to bridge the gap between research, demonstration, policy and markets. The company has its own, independent research expertise, which covers conventional as well as renewable energy and works with energy businesses, technology developers, R&D institutions, SME’s and public authorities across Europe. 1-Tech is already engaged in offshore renewables (wind, wave, tidal) on contracts with end users, project promoters and device developers. The company has ambitions to take on strategic roles helping to grow the emerging offshore renewables market.

In the HiPRwind project, 1-Tech has two main roles: (1.) To be in charge of Dissemination and IPR Management, as leader of WP9. (2.) To contribute in the Project Management as member of the steering group. 1-Tech staff allocated to HiPRWind draw on hands-on experience from active contribution, coordination and management of EU co-funded projects.

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